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The PRO Index™ is the first and only financial measurement designed with you in mind. It is a comprehensive index that takes in more than just your credit score and evaluates your potential, not your past.

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Why the PRO Index?

As a leading indicator of your financial health, the PRO Index is designed to help you build wealth. Unlike the traditional credit score originally designed for lenders, our index puts your financial well-being first. Using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, PRO Index helps you map out the best path for your financial future.

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What goes into the PRO Index?

The PRO Index™ stands for the PariFi Rating & Opportunity Index. It takes into account hundreds of data points across three main components. When combined, you are provided with a comprehensive assessment of your true financial health.


Measures the burden of debt payments month-over-month in relation to your income. In essence, it assesses how well you are able to continuously service your debts.

Credit Score

As the credit score is so widely used in our current financial system, it is necessary to consider as part (but not all) of the more comprehensive PRO Index.


Measures the expenses in relation to your income after all debts.  It gives a measure of your expense obligations and spending habits.

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