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A fully automated credit building solution built for the busy. With a one-time enrollment you'll start seeing your credit score increase on a fully automated schedule.¹

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You're busy, you're rising, you're thriving. Building credit can be a confusing process so we took all the guesswork out of it for you. After enrolling in Harvest Prime, simply opt-in to our automated credit builder and we take it all from there to get you to where you need to be.

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How it Works

Step 1  

-  Enroll with Harvest Prime

With Harvest Prime, you simply need to opt-in to our automated credit building product.

Step 2  

-  Do Nothing

No really, that's it. In the background you'll be extended a small loan to an account we control and by giving permission for us to pay it off each month, all the work is done for you at no extra cost.

Step 3 

-  Build Credit

With each successful automated payment, you can watch your credit score increase over time. Each automated credit building program runs on a 12-month cycle.

As Featured In

"The platform gives one central picture of all of an individual’s finances; outlining their assets, debts, and expenses in one place with action items to best improve financial wellness." - Yahoo Finance
"On average, Harvest has a 90% success rate in getting some amount of refund for its users" - Forbes
"Harvest's PRO Index (PariFi Rating & Opportunity Index), takes into account several factors in addition to credit score to give consumers and financial institutions a better gauge of an individual’s financial wealth." - Finextra