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Everything starts with a proprietary financial score that is designed with YOUR financial security in mind.

Get Refunds from Bank Fees

From Overdrafts to NSF Fees to Purchase Interest Charges, the average consumer pays over $600 in bank fees per year. Harvest identifies all these fees and gives you the tools required to get them back.

Manage Your Debts

Debts are messy. Consolidate all of your debts into one convenient platform and automatically generate a plan to tackle them. Leverage our dedicated support professionals to help you along the way.

Analyze Your Expenses

More than your average budgeting tool. With Harvest, you can reorder your transactions by a simple drag-and-drop as well as visualize your spending categories. It also keeps track of all of your recurring expenses so that you can eliminate surprises.

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"$172 in bank fees deposited back into my account, great site with awesome service and customer support!"
Instagram Review by Spencer A. from New York.
"I’ve used it twice. Both times got a little over $500 back. It works, man."
Facebook Review by Sid K. from Massachusetts
"I submitted the auto-negotiation last night and today I received $87 back from my bank. Thank you! Definitely give it a try" - Diana S. from Texas
Twitter Review by Diana S. from Texas
"I was very skeptical at first, but it actually works! Took all of 10 minutes and I got $180 in fees back IMMEDIATELY! 100% recommend this company!!"
Instagram Review by Sophie G. from California

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Harvest Do?

Harvest Platform is an all-in-one platform for your finances. From bank fee refunds to debt management to no-fee banking, it's built to provide you with the information and guidance you need for achieving financial stability.

What types of bank fees can I get refunds for?

Our platform has refunded over $1M in bank fees for our users including but not limited to: Overdraft Fees, Credit Card Interest Charges, Late Fees, ATM Fees, NSF Fees, Foreign Transaction Fees, & Monthly Service Fees.

What banks and credit cards do you support?

Our platform connects to 15,000 financial institutions across the United States.

How much does it cost?

There are no upfront charges for access to Harvest Platform. Premium features within the platform are clearly labeled prior to usage.