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Financially empowering the 99% together

We're on a mission to increase the net worth of the 99% by $1 trillion by 2030 and looking for the right partners to join us in this monumental undertaking.

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Setting the Standard for Financial Health

Everything we do at Harvest puts the financial health of our customers front and center. Our platform looks holistically across what we call the six vital signs of financial health: income, cash flow, assets, debt, credit score, and insurance. All of these are combined into our proprietary PRO Index, the leading indicator of financial health. With over $500M in net worth under management to date, our customers put their trust in us to make the most out of every dollar.

Types of Partnerships

Affiliate Program

Harvest Platform is looking for content creators and community leaders who align with our mission and values to promote financial health and increase the net worth of the 99%. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Harvest affiliate:

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White-Label Solutions

When it comes to financial health, we are more concerned with improving it for everyday Americans than taking the credit for it. We've built API integrations that are simple to turn any brand or community into an end-to-end financial health platform.

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Our Partners

As the premier seed-stage Fintech investor, Financial Venture Studio has played a pivotal role in the architecture of our company and positioning of the PRO Index in the broader financial services industry.

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. As our first investor and ongoing partner, Techstars has helped to facilitate countless new relationships both in and out of the financial services ecosystem.

As a Visa Fast Track member, Harvest Platform has been able to accelerate our timeline for card issuance and connect with additional partners requiring financial health products.

As our premier banking partner, Barclays has been instrumental in highlighting and validating our financial health solutions for a broader customer base.

ProductFy is Harvest platform's premier enablement partner for providing services to our end customers and white-label partners.

Cascade is Harvest Platform's preferred implementation partner for our white-label financial health solutions.

Increasing the net worth by $1 trillion by 2030 would not be possible without recognizing the importance of home ownership in the United States. Harvest has partnered with America's Homeowner's Alliance to jointly address some of the most difficult challenges face homeownership today.

Array is Harvest Platform's primary provider of credit monitoring and identity monitoring services for both end customers and white-label partners.