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We’ve refunded customers over $5,000,000 from money wasted on bank fees to date.
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Bank Fees May Be Costing You
Hundreds of Dollars Per Year

From Overdraft fees, ATM fees, Insufficient Funds Fees (NSF), Monthly Maintenance Fees, Interest Charges, and any other sneaky fee you can think of, today's major banks make a major profit off of your hard-earned money. Don't let all the hard work you do day in and day out to just spend on bank fees. Get them back with Harvest Platform's bank fee negotiator.

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Link Accounts

Securely connect your bank or credit card account.



Our artificial intelligence will automatically identify fees and start negotiating.


Manage Debts

A simple and intuitive dashboard helps you pay down your debt faster.

No Upfront Cost

Harvest charges no fees up front for negotiations. We only make money when you make more money in refunds. Because who pays upfront for something they haven't gotten?

Don't take our word for it

"$172 in bank fees deposited back into my account, great site with awesome service and customer support!"
Instagram Review by Spencer A. from New York.
"I got about $30 so far today and I told my mother about it and she got back almost $300 today so far. It works surprisingly well"
Facebook Review by Brenda M. from Florida
"I submitted the auto-negotiation last night and today I received $87 back from my bank. Thank you! Definitely give it a try" - Diana S. from Texas
Twitter Review by Diana S. from Texas
"I was very skeptical at first, but it actually works! Took all of 10 minutes and I got $180 in fees back IMMEDIATELY! 100% recommend this company!!"
Instagram Review by Sophie G. from California

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bank fees can I get refunds for?

Our platform has refunded over $4M in bank fees for our users including but not limited to: Overdraft Fees, Credit Card Interest Charges, Late Fees, ATM Fees, NSF Fees, Foreign Transaction Fees, & Monthly Service Fees.

What banks and credit cards do you support?

Our platform connects to 15,000 financial institutions across the United States. Auto-Negotiate is currently supported for several of these institutions and assisted negotiations are available for all of them free of charge.

How secure is the service?

We understand how important security and privacy is to users and we factor your security into every decision we make. We employ multi­level bank-grade security protocols including dedicated firewalls, two-factor authentication, and stringent access controls on all information which is furthermore encrypted using 256-bit encryption - the world’s leading security standard.

How much does it cost?

Auto-Negotiate is currently supported for several banks and costs 25% of the refunds we get back for you. If there are no refunds, there is no cost.

Assisted negotiations are free of charge and available for all users across 15,000 financial institutions.