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"The platform gives one central picture of all of an individual’s finances; outlining their assets, debts, and expenses in one place with action items to best improve financial wellness." - Yahoo Finance
"On average, Harvest has a 90% success rate in getting some amount of refund for its users" - Forbes
"Harvest's PRO Index (PariFi Rating & Opportunity Index), takes into account several factors in addition to credit score to give consumers and financial institutions a better gauge of an individual’s financial wealth." - Finextra

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Our artificial intelligence will automatically identify fees and start negotiating.


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Our artificial intelligence will automatically identify fees and start negotiating.


Manage Debts

A simple and intuitive dashboard helps you pay down your debt faster.

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Unlike other services, Harvest does not charge for fee negotiation services upfront. It is our way of promising you that your success comes first, because why pay for something you haven't received?

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"$172 in bank fees deposited back into my account, great site with awesome service and customer support!"
Instagram Review by Spencer A. from New York.
"I got about $30 so far today and I told my mother about it and she got back almost $300 today so far. It works surprisingly well"
Facebook Review by Brenda M. from Florida
"I submitted the auto-negotiation last night and today I received $87 back from my bank. Thank you! Definitely give it a try" - Diana S. from Texas
Twitter Review by Diana S. from Texas
"I was very skeptical at first, but it actually works! Took all of 10 minutes and I got $180 in fees back IMMEDIATELY! 100% recommend this company!!"
Instagram Review by Sophie G. from California
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Types of Bank Fees We Negotiate Refunds For

Overdraft Fees

One of the most common types of fees, overdraft fees are incurred simply when an account does not have enough money to cover a transaction and the bank charges a fee for covering the difference through overdraft protection.

ATM Fees

Depending on your bank, the rules and costs are different when it comes to in-network and out-of-network ATM fees. But when these fees are incurred, they can add up quickly and to a large amount which are often fully refundable.

Foreign Transaction Fees

As the name implies, foreign transaction fees are charged when you use your credit card in another country with a foreign merchant. These fees range from 1% to 3% of the total transaction cost.

Interest Charges

Contrary to popular belief, interest charges can be refunded on your credit card. We provide both Auto-Negotiate and Assisted Negotiation tools to our users to maximize the amount of interest charge refunds.

Monthly Maintenance Fees

Monthly maintenance fee are incurred when a customer does not meet certain specifications for the account. The most common specification is a low balance in the account or inactivity altogether.

Wire Transfer Fees

Wire transfer fees are incurred when moving money from one bank account to another. International wire transfer fees are often more expensive than domestic wire transfer fees but both of them can be negotiated for refunds.

NSF Fees

When overdraft protection is turned off, banks will still charge a steep fee for making a transaction that cannot be covered by the consumer's funds. Overdraft or NSF is often the only choice consumers are faced with.

Excess Activity Fees

Sometimes known as an excess transaction fee or excess withdrawal fee, these are typically charged when a user withdrawals from a savings account too many times in one month. Fully refundable.

Late Fees

Late fees are typically charged when a customer misses the due date on a credit card bill. These fees are commonly refundable in addition to the interest charges incurred from credit card usage. Harvest works to refund both the late fee and interest together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Harvest do?

Harvest is a platform developed to increase the net worth of the 99%. Starting with the negotiation of bank fees and interest charges, Harvest has successfully refunded over $4,000,000 to date. Our bank fee negotiation service consists of two primary services: Auto-Negotiate and Assisted Negotiations. Auto-Negotiate provides the full negotiation service and charges 25% of the amount we get back for the customer. Assisted Negotiations provides the personalized scripts you need to carry out the negotiations yourself and are free of charge so you get to keep all of the bank fee refunds.

What banks and credit cards do you support?

Auto-Negotiate is supported for Wells Fargo, Chase, American Express, and Discover.

Assisted Negotiations are supported for 15,000 financial institutions across the United States.

How secure is the service?

Harvest Platform uses bank-grade security throughout all of its services. all of your data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption and your account is protected through two-factor authentication. Our systems are continuously inspected and audited for security vulnerabilities from security consultants with decades of experience in the financial services industry. Your data is never sold or distributed to third parties.

What does the refund depend upon?

Refunds depends on your bank’s terms and conditions, regulatory protocols, any evident mistakes, your relationship with the bank, the bank’s perceived value of your transactions, recent refunds, and hundreds of other factors that can affect the refund amount and the probability of receiving a refund.

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