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Our artificial intelligence will automatically identify fees and start negotiating.


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Our artificial intelligence will automatically identify fees and start negotiating.


Manage Debts

A simple and intuitive dashboard helps you pay down your debt faster.

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Harvest Platform is free to create an account, identify all your fees and even to negotiate your fees. For Auto-Negotiate, we charge 25% of the refunds we get back for you. For all other banks that support assisted negotiations, the refunds are all yours to keep.

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"$172 in bank fees deposited back into my account, great site with awesome service and customer support!"
Instagram Review by Spencer A. from New York.
"I got about $30 so far today and I told my mother about it and she got back almost $300 today so far. It works surprisingly well"
Facebook Review by Brenda M. from Florida
"I submitted the auto-negotiation last night and today I received $87 back from my bank. Thank you! Definitely give it a try" - Diana S. from Texas
Twitter Review by Diana S. from Texas
"I was very skeptical at first, but it actually works! Took all of 10 minutes and I got $180 in fees back IMMEDIATELY! 100% recommend this company!!"
Instagram Review by Sophie G. from California
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Types of Refunds We Negotiate

Overdraft Fee Refunds

One of the most common types of bank fee refunds, Harvest automatically negotiates overdraft fees with ease or can show you how to get overdraft fees refunded on your own with our assisted negotiation tools.

ATM Fee Refunds

ATM Fees are a nuisance, you shouldn't have to pay money to get your money. While these fees are typically small, they can add up quickly especially if you live in a cash-friendly city. ATM fees are commonly refunded on our platform.

Foreign Transaction Fee Refunds

As if traveling outside of the country wasn't already expensive, foreign transaction fees can really add up. All of these fees are refundable with Harvest.

Interest Charge Refunds

If you haven't paid your credit card bill in full recently, chances are you've incurred a purchase interest charge. Harvest consistently refunds users $100s and sometimes $1000s of dollars back in interest charges for their credit card accounts.

Monthly Maintenance Fee Refunds

As the name implies, monthly maintenance fees are charged typically when a customer's accounts does not meet a specific criteria. As with all fees, these are also negotiable and refundable.

Wire Transfer Fee Refunds

When you transfer money either domestically or internationally from one bank to another, there is usually a hefty fee that comes with it. With apps that make money transfers fee, this should be no different.

NSF Fee Refunds

The sneaky cousin of overdraft fees, NSF fees are incurred when a user opts out of overdraft protection but still makes a transaction that is more than the balance in their account. These are equally as refundable as overdraft fees.

Excess Activity Fee Refunds

Excess Activity Fees are typically applied when there are more than six withdrawals from a savings account in a given month and are identified for refunds on our platform.

Late Fee Refunds

Late fees are also commonly refundable bank fees.. Along with interest charges, these are the second most commonly associated bank fees with credit card accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Harvest do?

Harvest Platform is an all-in-one platform designed to help you increase your net worth and find a path to financial stability starting with the recovery of bank fees and interest charges.

How do negotiations work?

If you prefer to negotiate yourself, our assisted negotiation tools gives you the full and customized script required to recover bank fees. For supported banks, our Auto-Negotiate feature does all the work for you.

How much does Harvest cost?

There are no upfront costs to using Harvest. All premium features are clearly listed with pricing information should you decide to use them. Auto-Negotiate for example charges 25% of the refunds we get back for you. If we don't get you a refund, there is no charge.

What banks do you support?

Harvest Platform supports 15,000 financial institutions across the United States. Different features are available for different banks; check out our FAQs to learn more.

Am I guaranteed a refund?

While our success rate is over 80%, refunds are not guaranteed. We encourage customers who don't get a refund the first time to try again in 90 days as it is often just a matter of timing.

What if I don't have fees?

Chances are you probably do have bank fees you didn't know about before. The average American spends over $720 in bank fees alone. Furthermore, we also get back interest charges and late fees for other types of debt accounts.

How do you find negotiable fees?

Harvest uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan and identify all of the bank fees you have been charged from the last 12 months,

How secure is Harvest?

Harvest Platform upholds the most rigorous security standards in the banking industry, utilizing 256-bit encryption to ensure all of your info is secure. We also do not store any information on our servers and your linked accounts are automatically deactivated after 90 days of inactivity.

What does the refund depend upon?

There are hundreds of variables our algorithm takes into account when determining if a refund is possible. One of the biggest factors is the timing of the negotiation which our platform automatically assists with when conducting the negotiation.

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