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How to Build Wealth from Nothing - Step 8

Pay it Forward

Almost two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test.  See a problem here?  As stated at the beginning of our series “How to Build Wealth from Nothing,” many of these concepts are simple but not easy.  But that also doesn’t mean we can assume everyone knows the steps it takes to build wealth.  If you are serious about the journey, you will also know that it is a long one and your efforts will multiply when amongst a community of like-minded people on the same mission, to build wealth for themselves and their loved one.  We have several communities on social media that we’re happy to bring to you and foster discussion, but there are countless communities online and offline focused on getting on the right financial track.

For the final step of “How to Build Wealth from Nothing,” it is less about the tactical and more about the collective benefits to your inner circles.  Wealth for one’s self is great, but wealth for all is even better.  In the same way that you may need to lean on others for emotional support, advice, or mentorship in your journey of building your net worth, once you build yours then others will look to you for guidance on how to build theirs.  The best thing you can do is pay it forward, be the sounding board they need, give back to the community, and ensure the future generations of your own families and others are on the right track to building wealth and transferring it.

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